Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday pondering...

Well my ponderings started last night but they were too late to get them out there on my blog and I was having computer issues any way. Last night Keith asked me to come out to our front room and sit with him. When I got out to the front room he had all our Lemax Ceramic Halloween houses out and had decided to decorate the wall unit with them.

While we were out there we started talking about lots of things the baby, the up coming holidays and pretty much anything that came to mind. Keith will be missing the birth of the baby but we know that he will finally be home for Christmas. Last year and this coming Christmas he will have been deployed but in my opinion him being home for the baby's first christmas will make it all worth it.

Keith and I have found that we like to decorate for the holidays together. Our second Christmas together we went crazy with lights and decorating the yard. We even had compliments from some guys that I worked with in the navy that lived in the apartment complex across from the house we were renting.

So even though it is a a few monthss early I have already decided on a couple of my 2012 goals. The first is that I want to complete one Christmas project every month for the next year for us to decorate with for our super special Christmas. I already have some things in the works but they will need to be finished. I hope to get more than this done but 12 is a good goal.. 14 if you count the 2 months left of this year we are too far into October for me to figure something out for this month so if there is a finish for this month that is a bonus.

My second goal is to learn and make use of my Gracie II frame this would help me complete alot of UFO's. I have already ordered new tubing for the frame rails and have pulled muslin out to sew leaders and enders for the rails.