Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying to get back into blogging.....

So I figured that I would try yet again to get back into blogging if you only knew how many posts that were started and never published. I only wish that I didn't feel as if I had over tasked myself to the point that there was no time to sit down and write. Alot has happend since I last posted anything and well I'm sure that there is alot still yet to happen.
Keith returned from deployment and shortly after we found out that we were expecting no suprise right? Most people that we know are on the same family schedule because we are all on the same deployment schedule. Though most of the people we know already have their 2.5 kids and arent planning on any more.
It has been an extremely rough start for us I have been sick for most of the last 4 months and they are telling me just give it a couple more weeks.. I'm wondering how many more weeks is a couple because the dr has been telling me that for a while.
As with any other mom to be I have a list that seems like its never ending of the things that I want to make and do before the baby gets here. Keith will be deployed again so my mom will be here to help me thank goodness. I don't know what I would do with out parents like mine.
SO on with the point of this blog my quilting, sewing and crafting adventures. I have a list of things that I want to start working on hoping to finish some UFO's here before the holidays as well as make the holidays tolerable since Keith will be missing them again this year. But Ryan and Molly have decided that they and my nephew Noah are going to be here for christmas so the four of us are planning to have a good time.
Being in bed most of the time does not make it easy to do any sewing so I have over the last month dug out a couple little projects that I can work on while I am in bed. I have tons of cross stitch and things that I have had for years but I picked these from my blackhole of a stash:
If you have never done them or seen them they are latch hook rugs... I learned to do these as a kid and have several that have been stashed away for I don't know how long and 2 I bought in the last year that are for Keith and possibly my Dad I haven't decided who is going to get them. Right now I know that I have 4 of these small ones that measure 12 X 12 and they would be perfect to put out at christmas.. More over perfect to keep me occupied while in bed. Here is how I have done so far:
I know that is not a whole lot done but it is a start and that is good enough for me. Until the next time.....