Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for Friday Night Sew In....

Its that time of the month again time for Friday Night Sew In. Every month Bobbi of Crafty Vegas Mom or her cousin Heidi of Handmade By Heidi host a friday night sew in to encourage us to stay in and work on some of our projects. Its a great way to set aside the time to work on things that get pushed aside during our busy schedules. Or in my case a not so busy schedule. In my case it will be getting past the side effects of pregnancy and being able to get out of bed.

I am determined this week though. Keith will be home and be able to help me do some cutting and prepatory things that would make FNSI more productive. If I am not up to sewing then I have some other little cross stitch kits, latch hook rugs and goodness knows what else that I can have Keith dig out of the sewing room for me to work on.

I have fabric pulled to cut for Regina's 4 Patches 4 Hope, and am planning on working on those so that I can get them in the mail to her on Monday. I think that she has set a very attainable goal of 1000 - 4 Patches and I have set my first goal of 25 patches that I want to donate. Unfortunately with baby on the way and currently no job I cannot afford to donate money as well but will do what I can with stash.