Thursday, March 21, 2013

Embroidery Sales and a trip to the ER..

I wish that I had something spectacular to show you today but I am exausted and just haven't had time to stitch anything today. I started off the day reading the blogs along the Machine Embroidery blog hop. What a great bunch of bloggers! If you haven't checked it out you should the hop was put together by Kelly from I have a Notion and is sponsored by Anita Goodesign.

If you have never stitched an Anita embroidery design I highly reccomend that you do. They are great!

While I was reading and watching my little guy be silly running around with his toys I watched him fall down.. Not usually a big deal you pick him up tell him he's ok kiss his boo boo and he's off and running. Not today the scream was diffrent.. I sat down with him to try to console him and noticed that there was blood coming from his mouth.. then I realized I had no idea whether the toy he was carrying was actually in his mouth when he fell or just hit him in the face.. He wouldn't let me look in his mouth. I could tell his bottom two teeth were ok but I couldn't get his mouth open far enough to look at the top one. Yes, being a first time mom I panicked and ran out to the car and rushed him to the ER. Turns out he bit his lip and his tongue... he stopped crying and started jabbering at me half way to the ER but I had to know that his teeth were OK. They tell me to give him tylenol and popsicles to help the pain. Im not sure he's really in pain being that I caught him licking the railing on the crib.. LOL.


Alright so in closing I just wanted to let you know that Julia's Needle Design is having a great $2 sale. She has some adorable designs. They are worth every penny even when they are full price but I always say if I can get more I want them all. Smiles

Also Stitch Delight is having a great $1 sale on all sorts of wonderful designs. If you are by chance working on your Christmas Through The Year box they have some great free standing lace ornaments, stockings and things like that. Enjoy!!


Cindy said...

I"m finally - hopping over for a visit . Please forgive me for taking so long. But I'm here, I'm watching and I have you on my Bloglovin reading list now.

Hugs Dear Heather!!!