Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Cleaning...

Well today I did a whole lot of cleaning of my kitchen. Before the kitchen though I wiped down the master bath cabinets with my trusty Murphy's Oil soap prepping the bathroom so that Keith could do the down and dirty scubbing. You should see the shower doors they are all shiny and clean!!

I decided that all my appliances needed some scrubbing. So I scrubbed the dishwasher, Stove/ Oven and then the microwave. If you have never done it boiling a cup of water in the microwave with a little vinegar does wonders. It loosens the grime and then you can use the hot water to wipe it all away. I also used the hot vinegar water to wipe down the stove. What a difference it made.

Together Keith and I changed beds (Which was on my list for tomorrow) so we will start off the week with clean linen, clothes, and a sparkling bathroom. Yeah

My evening ended with some searching of Embroidery Library for single designs that I couldn't live with out and had to use my Happy Hour Coupon on. Couldn't pass up 10 designs for $10. Here is just one of my many treasures:

I was thinking this would be a great gift for the Grandparents when the new baby is born. Better than a birth announcement. So these are on my list to do.
Since Keith helped me to do some of the tasks that I had planned for Monday then I will have time to do some stitching. Yeah!! As long as I can sit in the chair by the machine.