Friday, March 29, 2013

More Party Hats...

Earlier I mentioned that I bought a design set at Embroidery Library called Party Hats. I have already completed the sheriff's hat for Logan's birthday but, couldn't resist the birthday crown that said "It's my birthday!!" So after I finished the first hat I immediately loaded the machine with the second. It's Mo's first birthday and we are going to have lots of fun!!

While the second hat was stitching I was able to finish up the banner for the highchair. If you missed my first post on this you can find it here. The first post will tell you were I found all the designs to complete the banner. All in all I am happy with the way it turned out it looks really cute. We are going to hang it up in his room after his birthday.

I am just a multi tasker today... I started scrubbing the tile floor today I have about a 3 foot area cleaned up.. Shh.. don't tell Keith he will be upset with me.. I started on my hands and knees but it just hurts too much so I am going to cheat and go get the stiff bristle brush from the garage.. that way I can try to finish before Keith gets home.