Friday, November 21, 2014

Stocking Stuffers Galore at Deja Vue

In looking for goodies to share with all my crafty friends I have come across alot of embroidery design websites that I didn't know about and last week was no different. Thanks to a Facebook friend I found Deja Vue Designs. They have the cutest Christmas goodies.

There are a couple things that stand out as my favorites. Ok I lied there are too many things that stand out for me to even begin listing them here. I have a huge list of things that I want to purchase and this is what I chose this time:

Aren't they cute?? Once I trim them up they will be cute little felt puzzles. In my family we were always allowed to open one thing Christmas eve, it was usually pajamas and maybe a little candy treat. I thought these puzzles would be cute as a Christmas eve play thing.Something that we could do together. They also have adorable Non-Paperdolls. If I had a girl I would be in non-paper doll heaven but I have boys. They do have alot of boy dolls too so there is hope but I'm not going to go crazy until I know if my little guys will enjoy playing with them.

UPDATE: The puzzles have now become a must have. Logan wouldn't sleep last night and we browsed the site and he pointed out all sorts of stuff and could name 90% of the puzzles with out help.

Next up a freebie pattern from Connecting Threads. The The Magic PIllowcase. You can find the pattern here. My local quilt shop had kits by the register and I picked up 2 for the boys. Here they are:

They are both fireman pillowcases because I figured they will one day want the same one. I have got to get my machine humming some more and get things done. I have not gotten as many things as I wanted posted but I am going to try to catch up. Hoping with some new ornaments and things in the works that won't be a problem