Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In Need of a Crafty Break

    What a day it has been. UGH is all I can say and its only 230. I'm hoping after nap time things will be better. The boys were playing well before naps they were just a little cranky. Logan ran all over target today so he should have been tired. I have never wanted a leash for my kid so bad in my life. Smiles.
    I am hoping that writing this post will help me get into the crafty mood and maybe I will be able to get something made tonight. I love quick holiday crafts. Things that I can make a bunch of in a short period of time especially if they make neat gifts for occasions you didn't plan on.

  Embroidery Garden is one of my favorite shops. Last year I made tons of these:

    I love them I made several per sheet of felt and gave them to my family last year and Logan played with them with out the candy canes. I think that there are still some in the toy box. You could even put a 2014 on the body if your family collects ornaments like ours.
    Reen is great at getting the creative juices flowing.. and this year is no different. If your a facebook user she is offering for a limited time to her face book friends these adorable lollipop covers for free!!

    So go ahead and hop on over and check out her facebook site as well as her website. She has some great ornaments and other holiday things and best of all her instructions are AWESOME!!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

a friend was looking for something like this and asked where to get them. I knew just where to look to find them - your blog. Thanks.