Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Twas the night before....

I have never been a part of a blog hop. I have always thought that I wanted to be a participating member but things always got in the way of posting. I really am going to try to be better about sharing what I have been working on. But in the mean time I found this blog hop called "Twas the night" hop on over to Madam Samm's at Sew We Quilt and she'll give you all the details. In short if your one of those that is found in the sewing room on Christmas eve trying to finish up last minute gifts to put under the tree this hop is for you!!

 I remember what I was stitching last year. My hubby and I waited until the last minute to wrap gifts so I was doing that while Daddy and Grandpa were putting together toys that needed assembly and then after they all went to bed I sat up embroidering stockings to give to my parents.

The design was easy enough I had made several for my husband and his friends using our Navy camo fabric. Our Navy buddies loved them.

 But then I had to play and make a couple more for the boys that we could use for decorations. I think I am going to have to make new ones. Being the stitcher that I am I'm not digging the way the cars are cut off.
You can find this design and a lot of other great things over at Five Star Fonts. They stitch up really fast so they would be great for a family gathering or maybe to hang at work. Have fun!!


CeLynn said...

Love your personalized stockings. The cars are cute even if they did get cut off!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Cute stocking - even if the cars are cut off, I bet the boys will love them. And brrrr....I am glad I live in California. I like rain - snow not so much.