Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Pattern

Wow so today started out super awesome. Back in January I took the Chiefs (E-7) exam for Limited Duty Officer purposes. Quick story short that means that I took it not to make E-7 but to be eligible to send my records in to be looked at to make officer. Well I made board meaning that I get to send my records in to be reviewed. Yeah!! Medical will put a wrench in that monkey works but it is just an awesome feeling to know that I made the board.

So as a reward I decided to stop at the local quilt shop Quilter's Quarters to get my quilt fix for the week. I picked up this super awesome pattern that I can't wait to start... Yes I had to by fabrics for it even though I'm sure I had enough in my stash. So here is a snnek peek:

So I picked up a sweet roll and some background fabric and will choose sashing and borders when I get it all complete. I am going to leave the fabric to be a suprise to everyone to see how I like it first. I think that the color that I chose to be a background is going to be too much so we'll see on that as well.

I had plans to break things out today but I have to go baby shopping for a couple of friends so depending on how long that takes will depend if I have the time to do anything before crawling into bed. I have been really tired lately and just don't feel like doing much of anything.


jillquilts said...

Congrats on getting to go to the board! And what a pretty pattern!