Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fabric Sales and Gift Ideas

While surfing on the internet I found out that Hancock’s of Paduchah has some great deals on Jelly Rolls and other pre cut fabric. But you have to catch them fast because they don’t last. I saw that they had Bistro on sale and when I thought about going back to get it, it was gone.. (frown). I know that I can find it other places online but I really should have never passed up the great deal.. really how often do you find Jelly rolls for $19.

Right now I have a little 2 foot corner to do my sewing because we have moved all my stuff from my apartment to the house and we are still trying to figure out how to re-organize things so that I can have my space and things won’t be so cluttered. I know that we will work it out eventually but its frustrating to know that I have NO IDEA where any of my fabrics and things are. How to be creative when you cant see and feel the fabric I haven’t figure out yet.. smiles. I haven’t complained to much to Keith about it because its hard enough to not know where things are but its even worse to see it all sitting there and not be able to do anything with it because it causes pain to sew. How does that work? The one thing that I really really want to do is painful.. so I have decided to focus on some other things for right now like planning how to organize the craft room that I am supposed to be inheriting later.. smiles. That and Keith and I have decided that we are going to re-organize the pantry so that we can find things fun fun (Not Really).

Just because I don’t have the ability to sew right now doesn’t mean that I haven’t been adding to my stash and to the "some day" projects list. I know that it is only march but at the rate that I am going, I am going to start looking at my holiday projects and decide what I want to do for them since it never seems like I get any of them done.

Has any one looked at the Moda Bake shop? It’s a super cool blog with lots of ideas.. some would be great gift ideas!! Might be some great ideas for stash busters and "Random acts of Quiltiness" gifts.. smiles. Might be some great swap goodies depending on what your looking for too.