Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally!! Time to catch up on things!!

Okay so I am super excited today/ this week. Monday I checked out of the squadron (Sea Duty) and checked in with the limited duty coordinator. If I hadn't mentioned it before the doctors in San Diego decided to put me limited duty/ Non-deployable (Shore duty). This is supposed to be for 6 months or until they figure out what the heck is wrong with my arm.

Tuesday I finished checking in to limited duty and they told me that they thought that they had a job temporarily for me but they would talk to me about it in the morning. They cut me loose and I headed home to change and then out to the apartment to clean up since the keys were due Friday. Keith met me out there and we proceeded to sanitize the crap out of everything.

Wednesday I went in to work and sat around waiting for my assignment and about 11 or so they told me to go over to another building and talk to YN1 that I would be working with her. She was swamped with Evaluations and told me that she really didn't have anything and that I could go and come back the next day ready for work. Mind you I had to go buy new uniforms and such because in the office they wear uniforms that I hadn't had to wear at the squadron yet. So I was off to get uniforms eat lunch with Keith and the boys and then head to my Occupational therapy appointment. After Therapy I met Keith out at the apartment where we cleaned carpets touched up the bathrooms and kitchen and cleaned the tile floors. FINALLY everything was out of the apartment and everything was clean.

Today was my first day at my new job.. I was a little lost.. a little aggravated but it worked out and I think that it will all work out in the end there seems to be a little bright spot in everything that has happened in the last month.. (A lot more that had happened that I didn't have the heart to blog about.) I went out to the apartment did a walk through.. they were amazed said that they were going to only charge for the carpet cleaning (required by state law) and I would get my deposit back minus that... Can you say YEAH!!! Not to mention that I am going into a weekend where the apartment and the mess isn't looming over my head. We (Keith and I) will get things moved around so that I can get to things and see things and I might get a good Saturdays worth of sewing in (depending on therapy) since the boys are going to be working on vehicles.

I have a bunch of projects in mind.. some gifts and thank yous that I need to get working on. A few RAKs that I have been meaning to work on things like that.. Oh and a super awesome eagle picture that Keith wanted. I will be on the look out for Keith type quilt patterns and fabric. Any ideas let me know hes the patriotic eagle type.. loves Ford and trucks of all kinds. Yes I still have the sponge bob quilt that I started.. it needs borders but I want to make something that is more adult like for him.

I'm still excited I see more sewing time in my future (limited off course so that I don't make my arm worse) since I have normal work hours now.. stay tuned for pictures of projects in the works.. smiles. Time to head for bed... work starts early tomorrow.. Smiles


Moneik said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you and you might get some sewing time in this weekend. I finished a backing last night, so I hope to be able to quilt it tonight or this weekend sometime.