Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well today has been one of those days I set out to write a nice post with pictures and all and got nothing done. I have a bunch of things to mention to everyone but can't seem to get them organized to put on here.

How was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty boring and not productive at all. How frustrating this is becoming. I would say that I have had it and that something has got to change but I have said that several times and well nothings changed.

Today I plan on going over to storage and grabbing some boxes that I know are quilt books to bring to the house but I wonder really is it worth it? Seriously? Kevin (the other roommate.. and yes they all know how I feel about roommates) is going on deployment in about a month and a half which means that he is moving out and all my quilt things will be moved into that room and it will become my sewing room instead of the other room that my things are in right now. Should I just try to suck it up and deal with things and find some little projects to tide me over until I get my own room? Other wise I am going to have to move all that stuff all over again.. What do you think? I think that I am going to ask Keith to measure Kevin's room so that we can have a plan before moving all my stuff... I'm really thinking that the quilt frame should go near the window so that I can get the most natural light that I can. Mom and Dad are giving me a nice wood wall unit (we're going to pick that up this weekend) that will be home for my TV and DVD player so that I can watch my quilt Videos and also to watch movies while I hide out in my little (yes it is really little) room. I hope the things that I want to go in there are going to fit but I have a feeling that they aren't going to. Keith wants to put the Futon in there so that there is a place to sit but then there will be no room for bookshelves so we have some planning and thinking to do.

Well I guess I can scratch going to storage.. I am going to go to blockbuster today and rent Marley and me. It comes out on DVD and I really really wanted to see it.