Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not so much of a weekend

Well the weekend is nearly over and I got absolutely NO sewing done!! Yesterday turned in to a mess and Keith and I had a much needed talk. Though nothing has been resolved he knows all to well where I stand. We are still doing great there are just little things that have built up into bigger things and well I guess you could say I blew up and wasn't very nice about it.

Tonight they have friends over so there isn't going to be any sewing going on tonight either. Maybe tomorrow I will have the chance to dig something out even if its just a few stitches here or there... I am going to die if I don't get some sewing in.. Maybe that is why I have gotten so irritated with Keith lately.. If I can get some sewing in maybe that would relieve the tension a little.

Well I have to get going dinner should be almost ready and I have lunches to make and then a uniform to get ready for work tomorrow.