Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Friday

Well it has been a good friday so far. I came into work early and it didn't feel like a chore.. That feels so good. I did wake up and not want to get out of bed but I think that was just because it has been a really busy few weeks and I am really tired. So today I am going to head to my Occupational Therapy and on the way home pick up some stuff for dinner and probably a movie. We have started this routine of friday movie night but the last couple of nights I was so tired I went to bed and then the second one I fell asleep during the movie. So I will pick up a couple of movies.. One for tonight and one for me to watch tomorrow when I get me time. Can you tell I am still super excited about that? The boys are going to be working on the truck so I get me time.

I haven't decided just what I want to work on tomorrow. Still in the debating process. If I work on cross stitch I have 2 kits (both for Keith) that the thread is all seperated and ready to go. But I really wanted to sew with my new machine that has probable less than 15 minutes worth of use on it. I have a new desk that is begging for some personalization at work BUT I don't want to get too comfortable to have them transfer me to san diego.. You know? So I need something small to work on until I can build back up to the projects I already had going.

I have some placemats that are begging to be sewn together.. some pillow cases that need some attention.. Oh and Yo yos that need some lovin too... Hmm seems like its going to be a very busy saturday.. Think I am going to need to put together munchies tonight so that I won't have to worry about it tomorrow.

So depending on how tonight goes I may have a picture update in the morning as to what I worked on tonight.. Well I will try to get pictures anyway so that I can show you my new place... the New truck that I have yet to show you.. and maybe some other odds and ends.