Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines to everyone!!

I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very late Happy Valentines Day!! I had plans of spending time with my girls having a nice dinner and then watching a movie. I went out and bought No Reservations today because blockbuster was all out the other day when I went. I sat down to watch that but fell asleep.. ugh

Well as you could tell from the last post the last couple of days have been really busy and filled mostly with driving. I know I promised that I would post some pictures and things so in honor of valentines here is what my secret pal from one of my groups sent me

There is a beautiful table runner, a red towel that has been embroidered, some pink hear fabric, yardage tags to put on my fabric stash and some yummy M&M's. I think the table runner was actually a charm pack pattern.. smiles.

I wish that charm packs were like Red Heart yarn.. when you buy yarn there used to be a pattern on the back side of the label. Wouldn't it be neat if charm packs or Fat Quarter packs for that matter came with a pattern?

Here is a picture of Lilly, I saw that Mark Lipinski's kitties name was Lilly too.. good think mine is actually Lillybeth... smiles.. doesn't she look innocent?


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Lilly has really pretty coloring and she sure looks innocent enough. The table runner is great I actually bought that pattern and started it but didn't get far at all.

Moneik said...

That is a great tablerunner. You are so lucky to receive such nice gifts.

Maureen said...

Lilly is soooo cute. Our pets are sooo inncent when they are sleeping.

The gifts you received are are lucky to have such nice pals.


Jen said...

That table runner IS adorable!! My mom bought that pattern and I'm hoping to grab it from her at some point. I'd like to make it.