Sunday, February 17, 2008


Once again I am supposed to be packing and cleaning and doing things to prepare for Thursday when I pick up my brother and Friday when we pick up the moving truck and move my things up north to Corcoran.
But I would much rather surf the internet for anything having to do with quilting and sewing. In past posts I talked about wanting to learn to Paper Piece. I am even a member of Carol Doak’s Paper piecing yahoo group but have yet to sit down and try to figure it out.
Today I decided to do some reading and on the Quilters World website there is a section called Favorite find of the week. This week they have shown “Paper Pieced Mini Quilts” by Wendy Vosters.

I have looked at this book many times in my LQS but have yet to buy it. I have thought more and more about it and think that I might just add this one to my Top 5 most wanted books. What a better way to learn to paper piece and finish little projects at the same time. Don't forget to look at their Pattern of the week (POW) its really pretty this week.

Yesterday after my Thimbleberries club meeting I went to Joanns to use my coupons of course and take advantage of their 40% off on quilting books and picked up this book..

I have yet to read all the way through it but I thought that picking up holiday books at after the holiday sales would be a great way to get an early start on Christmas gifts and decorations for my new place. I’m really excited about this new town house there are just so many more things that I can do to decorate. Did I tell you that the new house has a fire place? There really isn’t a mantle above it like most fire places but I will work with that.

Well enough procrastinating today I’m off to do some of the things that I have to do so that I can play later.


Jen said...

I actually have that Mini Paper Pieced quilts book. It has some cute things in it but I woulodn't choose that to learn from because the pieces are just soooo small.

Gina said...

Have you tried Wendy Vosters web site. She has a paper pieced BOM on there aswell as some free patterns.

love and hugs xxx

Suzan said...

I COMPLETELY understand the procrastinating when it comes to packing up to move. I don't paper piece but I have been told by others that you use alot of fabric when you do so starting with a miniature is a great idea!

Moneik said...

Paper piecing is really easy once you get the hang of it. I wouldn't learn with the mini pieces either. That would be a challenge.

Maureen said...

I procrastinated when we moved into our house. I really did not like the packing or fact to clean my quilt room I packed some all I have to do is clean it and unpack.