Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time out..

Well yesterday was quite productive. I wanted to sit down and blog but just couldn't get my thoughts together to get something out here. The onsite manager here left me a note yesterday to say that she would be through for a walk through... I thought that it was for my initial inspection .. So I of course was in a panic to try to get things all cleaned up before they came through. No it turns out that it was so that she could check the smoke detector and the general care of the apartment but, she did her walk through at the same time. Now I can relax a little but I still need to get the rest of this stuff packed... I'm almost at the point where I'm just going to throw it in a box and label it CRAP.

Anyway I was looking at some things online and I came across a neat idea. We have all done BOM's and some of us are probably in a BOM right now. There are so many out there it's unbelievable. I was looking for a couple specific ones because I think they are absolutely adorable and found something that I had never thought of before. I know its not any where close to Christmas yet but if you are like me if you don't do little by little now it will never get done. So here it is a BOM treeskirt... Have you seen one of these?

It was listed under the BOMs. I thought it was a neat idea. One that I will have to file away until I have the time to think about it and decide if that is what I want to with my christmas tree. I thought I would pass it along.. I know that this one is applique but I had some other ideas in mind.

I don't think I ever told you about Thimbleberries club last week. I think we have all decided to do a round/row robin as a group only you don't give your quilt to some one else to add a row/round. We are all going to start off with a Medallion or Block that we pick and then at the meeting we are going to pick a block out of a hat. lets say that the block picked was a friendship star.. then I would have to decide how I wanted to add a friendship star block to my quilt weither it be in a corner stone or as some sort of a border. I won't be able to participate like the others but think that I will try to follow along the best I can even if its just in EQ.

Well I am off to get back to cleaning this stuff up .. I'm so wiped out and need a nap.. LOL


Suzan said...

I know how you feel. I hate packing to move! By the way, you have been tagged. Please check my blog site for the rules. If you don't have time, please don't feel pressured to play.

Moneik said...

Hope you get your packing completed. I know how stressful it can be!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OHHHHHHHH I love the idea of the BOM tree skirt I'll have to look up that pattern. Now get packing so you can move and then you can play all you want.

Jen said...

You've got to be packed by now and moved right? BOM tree skirt is sooo cute!! But, i just made a tree skirt and I'm gonig to make more for gifts. =) I'm going to cheat and make the wedge kind.