Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well today was an absolute waste of time... I did absolutely nothing well nothing productive anyway. I watched a movie called "The Kid" its a Disney movie with Bruce Willis.. TOO CUTE. I thought that I had seen it before infact I'm pretty sure I own it (it was on TV). But once I got into it I realized that had never watched it. Its a shame too because it was a good movie different to see Bruce Willis in a family movie rather than the Die Hard movies.

I talked to Dad on the internet.. helped him find some part time job search engines.. I guess that was productive. My parents are always amazed at the sites that I send them. The always ask "where did you get those sites" I usually tell them how to find things.. next time I'll just tell them its magic. He talked about being a door greeter at walmart but now says he doesn't want to deal with the public.. Some days I want to ask him where he left his trash can (Oscar the grouch).. but he is so much better than while he was working.. smiles

I talked to my youger brother on the phone he seemed kind of distraught about some things, said he was price shopping for special food for his cat and some other things. If anyone comes across IAMS or Science diet coupons.. Let me know that stuff is sooo expensive. His cat seems to not be able to tolerate regular cat food and has to have special food that is low in magnesium. Apparently you have to buy science diet or Iams to insure that its kind of a pain if you ask me but when you grow attached to your fur kids it's hard to see them in pain.. So I watch for coupons for him I found one in my newspaper today yeah. Yes I spent about an hour cutting coupons for him.. found all sorts of great stuff.. you know whats worse?? All I could think about was I should make hime a coupon carrier and give it to him. I think I packed all his Nascar fabric but it might be worth digging it out.. might cheer him up a little.

I found some great coupons for me this week too... Its amazing what you find when you actually cut coupons.. I found lots of cleaning supply coupons.. some of which I bought today.. UGH how frustrating is that? LOL thats okay a couple were new products and if I like them then I can get more with the coupons right?

Well now I am off to see what I can clean up after all I did buy some cleaning supplies to use right. I'm hoping to get some things sparkly clean. The more I scrub now the easier it will be at the end of the month to touch things up before handing the keys back over.. I got one of those new (or new to me) scrubbing bubbles action scrubbers. I just saw it advertised this past week.. it looked like it would make cleaning the tub and shower easier and since I have 2 of them I'm all for that.


Jen said...

I'm always the "google nerd." Everyone claims they can't find anything online yet I can find it for them in one quick search.