Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wasted Saterday

Well today has been almost a complete waste. I have gotten absolutely nothing done. I started out the day with the best of intentions got up at 0530 and finished cutting my Thimbleberries blocks and started sewing them. I was hoping that I would get them done before club this morning but it didn't happen.

I had planned on running a few errands down in town and coming back home, but got a text from a friend that wanted to meet for lunch.. Long story short.. I waited and killed time down in town until I finally decided I didn't want to wait for him any more.. Buy that time the day was pretty much gone.

So I came home, returned and rented more movies, picked up a few groceries and am going to take a quick nap.. since I didn't sleep well, and then I will be up to get some things done. I should be able to get some pictures up later this evening.

Hope everyone else's day has been more productive than mine. Goal for tonight those Thmbleberries trees.