Thursday, February 7, 2008

Challenge winner Named!

Well the challenge winner was named! It was a lady named Karen and she made a super awesome paper piece block. Thus the reason that I need to lern to paper piece it opens a whole new world of possabilities.

So I had a thought and I am going to jump on this when I get everything moved up north. Notice I didn't say unpacked and settled? I don't think that I can wait that long. I am going to issue a challenge out there to everyone. Pick one fabric from your stash and and create your own challenge quilt... pick just random quilt blocks that you like and figure out how to incorporate your stash fabric into it. I have packed most of my fabric but I have some ideas that I want to try to use.

I have a bunch of western fabric that I want to make things for my new apartment when I get the chance and honestly can't wait. I want to start creating and making things again.

If this challenge doesn't suit your fancy but your interested in a challenge like my group did let me know and I'll see about getting one started once I get up north. I would be happy to be the swap moderator if people were interested. My group usually does 12 1/2 in blocks but we can do what ever we want 6 inch.. 8 inch.. we ould use them to make wall hangings or table runners.. heck if we did table runners and only got 3 or 4 participants maybe depending on the fabric we could just do a table runner challenge... I have all these great ideas this morning .. primaraly because I'm trying to procrastinate going to work just that much longer.

Well I really have to get going so I will write again soon. Today is my last WORKING day at the squadron so I am hoping that I can skate out of there super early but think that I have one more investigation to finish before they will let me leave.


Jen said...

Maybe we should start some swaps in our Prolific Group. =)