Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Friday after work we are driving down to my parents to get the wall unit and drop off some other things for my dad. I'm not sure if we are going to load the wall unit that night and try to come back or if we are going to spend the night and come back in the morning. I'm thinking morning but Keith has duty on Saturday and has to stand watch from 4pm until midnight on Saturday.. So I'm kind of thinking that if we just go down get the unit and come back even though it will be late it will allow him to sleep in and not have to worry about being late for work.

I'm so excited though. I signed up for a class at Quilt University Online that the 1st lesson is Friday but I figured since it is a work at your own pace class and that Saturday Keith has watch that, that evening would be the perfect time to work on the first lesson. I will have the house virtually to myself I think if not I will just close the door. I am taking the class for this really neat carry all:

Here is a picture of the outside.. this is what they call the advanced block.. the other is a churn dash block

And for the inside.. There is a place for everything.. your cutting mat, your ruler and small pockets for tools and notions. I think its a really neat idea and even have thoughts of my own to modify it for me.. smiles.

I am pretty excited about it.. Its not like Jen's tote but I really wanted to take a class and the ones here in town are usually during the day while I'm at work and the last couple weekend classes were part 2's to other classes.

I am working on a couple to do lists to post on the side of my blog maybe if I have that to look at it will motivate me to get going on some things.


Moneik said...

Have fun taking your class. That looks like a really nice carry all type bag. Hopefully you have the house to yourself to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Jen said...

That's going to be a fun bag to make! It's going to be wayyyy better than mine. Mine was made up as I went!