Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Morning!!

Well it has been a beautiful Thursday morning so far. I got up early with a little help from the meows.. (they act like they are starving or something) but after dropping Keith off at work I was able to go over to the Starbucks here on base and get a delicious Carmel Apple Spice. Being early to work I get to sit here for a little while in the piece and quiet.. no phones ringing, no one asking questions.. its nice.

I have done alot of looking at things on the Internet today. Yesterday we went and paid my storage and tried to dig some of my things out of storage.. yeah that didn't happen.. We didn't find my boxes of books or fabric or anything. I am super glad that I packed the fabric really well so it should all be ok when we find it.. if its not well then Keith already knows that I will not be a happy camper. I actually pulled out some fabric yesterday to take some measurements and work on some things but got side tracked reading blogs and searching ebay for some things that we can no longer purchase in the stores here.

So today I hope to go home and work on some things.. Keith has off work tomorrow.. Just found out today so I'm hoping that we will get out of work early as well so that I can go and play. Tomorrow is Breakfast Club at the LQS so I can go and pick up that pattern Saturday morning if I feel like it.. LOL. Its now the end of the day I started this post this morning and I am wiped out.. I meant to write all about the new things that I am a proud owner of but I don't have the pictures here and available.. So I will have to wait until I get home to post pictures. So until later!!