Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lessons Learned

If I have learned anything in years past its.. If you see fabric or Notions that you really like buy them... if they are something that you see all the time you can wait for a sale but if you see fabric you like buy it or you may never find it again. I have been lucky enough to have friends all over and the internet has come in very handy when looking for something that I liked the first time I saw it.. Decided later I loved it and then it wasn't there.

Today while searching for that infamous shop hop bunny I came across this sight.. Jojo's Gift Shop. I'm not as lucky as my friend Jill who seems to have really good luck when it comes to raffles and such but like alot of other websites you can sign up for the newsletter for a chance to win prizes. Perhaps the best prize today was finding all the great sales. They have a pretty good selection of Jelly Rolls and Charm squares at some really great prices. Looking for something or just looking to add to your stash this is a good place.

Okay and for everyone that knows me they know that I love my kitties. Just like Jen and Jill with their puppies.. My kitties are part of the family.. while looking for the bunny at Material Pleasure I was looking at their sale fabric and they have alot of Makower's cat fabrics that are silly but adorable.

Well I am going to get going for now.. Depending on what Keith has planned for the weekend that everyone is at retreat.. I may try to create a retreat for myself at home.. I have a few projects in mind I just need to find them (dig them out of where ever they got put when I moved)


jillquilts said...

Oh yes! Buy it when you have a chance! I've learned the hard way, too!