Friday, April 3, 2009

Mmm.. Its Finally Friday.. Yeah

Well its friday and I am excited. Glad that another week of work is over. Though I already know the weekend is going to feel super short. I have a list of things to do already.. but how much times I have to do things will depend on how long it takes us to drive down to mom and dads for that wall unit and come back.

Saturday evening will be all mine and then Sunday Keith is having one of the boys come over to help him with the engine on his truck. So I guess I will have sunday to myself as well. I need to do lots of laundry so between that and the movies that I intend to watch.. I hope to get some sort of motivation to sew or do something creative because all I have done is move things from one place to another so that it looked more organized. I have some project ideas in mind.. things that I have seen but think that I can design myself.. Oh and my class too almost forgot about that.

Hope everone has a great weekend! I will try to post again later.


Moneik said...

Hope you got a bit of sewing time in. I know I was stuck in a blizzard and got to sew and quilt a ton.