Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday at last!!

I swear that it feels like this week is never going to end. Monday as Mom reported to the group was my birthday. I guess Keith had special things planned but went home sick from work. Complained of a bad headache and cough.. when I got home he had a 101 plus fever and I told him that if it wasn't down in a couple hours we were going to the ER. It came down and because I really didn't feel like a special meal I convinced the boys to have grilled cheese and soup (tomato for me, chicken for them) for dinner. After dinner George came in the house with an ice cream cake (that he put all 31 candles on) I swear that he was trying to light the house on fire.

Keith, George and Kevin gave me a really nice Nikon camera (its purple.. smiles) and I also got a new chain for the necklace that Keith gave me at christmas .. the other one was really delicate and the jump rings were opening and I didn't want to loose the charm. (Frown) I haven't done any sewing this week.. Tonight though I am determined! Keith has watch and it will be just me and one other room mate.