Friday, April 10, 2009

Its Almost the weekend!! Yeah

So I have been doing alot of shopping online lately.. I know that is the worst thing that you could do when your just not feeling like yourself. I have a bunch of things coming to me in the mail (some of which has already arrived) I now have Moda's Bistro Jelly Roll and their Love Is In The Air Jelly Roll.. sitting on the shelf trying to figure out what they are going to become. They haven't called out to me anything yet so they will just sit there.

I have a super secret project that I have been working on but will put more out when I have a better idea if its going to work. I have been wanting to make several gifts for some people and haven't gotten around to doing it.. but hopefully if this project turns out the way I hope I can add that to the list of things to make for them.

If I recall correctly my online group SillyGals a couple years back kind of worked together on a quilt called Shimmer.. and it looked like this... (from a magazine but I couldn't tell you which one)

Well I was pretty excited to see that a seller on Ebay had put together all the fabric and the magazine in a kit with Thimbleberries fabric. I put it on my watch list decided if I really wanted it and it was still there that I would bid.. Well 3 days later I still wanted it and last night I was the winning bidder.

A couple weeks ago Ms. Gadget Girl Jen raved about her Creative Memories Side Kick:

I will soon be the proud owner of one of those as well.. I am excited.. I also ordered some more bobbins, a couple bobbin savers and some new patterns.. Yeah once I get back to that sewing kick I'll be set. So I'm going to sit here and hope that the day goes by super fast and then the evening slows down so that I can play.. I have easter shopping to do this afternoon and will be needing to get together the menu for sunday since there will be about 10 people maybe more at the house on Sunday.


jillquilts said...

Sometimes, the shopping helps get those creative juices going. Make yourself a list of things and have your own retreat in two weeks! Hang a sign on the door saying your out for the weekend and get to sewing!!!

PS - if you need to chat or need anything, I'm usually always on yahoo instant messenger....

jillquilts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you have an awesome day!