Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UFO.. projects

Good Morning Everyone!!

Well it has been an ok morning for me so far. Productive I got some work done right away this morning which always makes me feel good. I was doing a little thinking and figure that while there is still some what of a selection out there that I need to get a couple yards of Moda's Bistro fabric to finish off a project that I started a couple months ago.

I actually had a charm pack of Bistro that I had sewn into 3x3 squares and then decided that if I add a small border around the square and then about a 3 inch stripe down either side that it would be a perfect placemat. So today I am going to be searching for the strips and the backing/ binding so that I can try to finish those up this weekend.

Have I told you how super nice it is to not have to use the foot pedal for the sewing machine? I can still sew sprained ankle and all. I actually hemmed some pants for Keith the other day but don't like the way that they looked so I am going to be pulling that out and resewing those for him this evening hopefully.


jillquilts said...

That's lovely that you can still sew! I hope the ankle is feeling better! And start with some small projects- you will be sewing away in no time!