Thursday, December 3, 2009

200th Post gone!! No give away... :-(

Well since I was a dunce and missed the 200th post (Its been one of those days believe me.. smiles), I am going to wait until my 250th post and will host a small give away. Yeah I know your thinking to your self you hardly post but I am going to set myself a few minutes every night when I get home from work to talk about what I did the day before. Like yesterday for example I came home ate dinner and then let Keiths new kitty out of isolation to let her roam a little.

I didn't tell you about the new kitty did I? well its about that time for me to be cleaning up to get out of here and head home.. We lost Keith's 3 year old angel fish this morning and well there was one other shocker for this morning but it was my fault I was stupid and don't feel like posting about it today so maybe another time. I think I am going to go to the pet store this afternoon and get a new filter for Keiths tank as he is not fond of the one that we have now, pick up some kitty christmas presents and then head home to cook dinner and relax. Have had a headache all day and the fumes from the work that the contractors are doing in our building hasn't helped that at all.

So heads up be watching for that post 250.. who knows what the give away will be but I'm looking and planning.. might be right after christmas or so.. I still have yet to post Keiths 12 days of Christmas.. those to a lot of thought and not much planning so I'm hoping that he will enjoy them.

I also had a 12 days of Christmas gifts post that I thought I had typed out but apparently I only have it in email. Looking for some last minute gifts? Some Blog give aways? Or maybe some last minute things to make your holiday brighter? Stay tuned those will be posted here in the next couple days as well.

And Secret Pal if your reading watch for those teasers that I promised. Smiles!!



jillquilts said...

I'm watching!!! How's the kitty doing now?