Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where did November go?

Well I have no idea where my november went and if you have looked at my blog I just finally pushed all the posts that were sitting as drafts out on my blog with out pictures because well lets just face it I write them tell my self that I need to add said pictures and then never do. I had 6 or 8 posts that needed to be published and now they are out there. The latest weekend post was actually from the begining of November but pretty much says what I have planned for this weekend. Anyone that has been around and known me for a while knows that last february I was placed in a Limited Duty status for the navy. Taking me away from my normal job working on aircraft and putting me at a desk were my arm was supposed to get better through all the therapy and what not.

Well the latest on that is that I have finially been able to stop making the drive back and forth to San Diego. A few weeks ago they sent me for an EMG study where they shocked the crap out of the nerve in my arm to test the conductivity and reaction time... It didn't go so well and I had a follow up with the Orthopedic Surgeon last week. He has taken responsibility for my case file and now most of my appointments will be here local. I was hoping that they would be able to fix things with out another surgery on the nerve that has already been worked on but that isn't the case this time. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday January 13 and they have given me 30 days convalescent leave from work after surgery to start the recovery process. Pending the out come of this surgery will decide if the navy seperates me from Active duty.

My hopes for the new year.. to have some relief from the nerve pain that I have had a gain the motivation to sew back. (crossing my fingers)


jillquilts said...

OH, I am crossing my fingers for that, too!!! I konw that surgery is not what you wanted, but if the last one helped at all, this one should, too. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!!