Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colder Weather = Comfort Food

I know food has nothing to do with Quilting or other crafts but in my head it does... Come in the warm house smell the great food.. and settle in for a warm day of crafting and comfort in the house.

Today has been alot warmer than the last couple days. Yesterday when I came in to work the thermometer on my truck read 25 degrees.. The little kid in me was hoping for a snow day from work but it didn't happen.

On days like that all I want to do is go home turn the heat on cook some soup and find something creative to do. Perhaps one of my favorite (and Keiths too) is the Broccoli Cheese Soup at Panera Bread... and you know what I found us all a recipe! So here it is.. Panera Breads Broccoli Cheese Soup ... There are quite a few versions of it this one had high rankings but I know what ingrediants I'm putting on the grocery list this week.

How many out there are still doing christmas shopping? Or frantically working on Christmas projects to give as gifts? Does dinner (or lunch) get put on the back burner because your busy doing other things? My plan this weekend is to try to work some crockpot recipes in the am (or the night prior) so that Keith can go and do what ever shopping he has left and I can work on projects that I desperately need to get finished.. I have a feeling I will be burning the midnight oil finishing up my secret santa gifts.. not that I don't have the list going its the motivation after work that is killing me.

So its going to be a crockpot weekend so that Keith can shop and I can sew and dinner will be ready when we are ready to eat. Saterday is looking like Awesome Slow Cooker Pot Roast and Sunday may be a soup or some chili and cornbread. I'm sure that I will change my mind 100 times but the pot roast sounds so good that it is going to happen.

What will be on the list of sewing this weekend... Well I have some super secret stuff that the children will soon hang by the chimney with care.... and no christmas is complete with out santa's mode of transportation..


jillquilts said...

Love that broccoli cheese soup!! I will have to make that sometime, too!