Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Traditions!!

What are your Christmas traditions? When I was a kid Mom would always buy lots of ingredients to make Christmas cookies, fudge and well pretty much what ever new recipies we would find. One year she made Orange creme fudge, and I think I remember Rasberry and Blackberry fudge as well. (Don't tell Keith if I get to those they will be a suprise).

We would put out cookies for Santa and Mom or Dad would read the christmas stories that she had pulled out of various magazines that year or the ones that she had saved from the previous years. Christmas eve we would get to open one present that mom and Dad choose for us and it was usually a brand new pair of Pajamas... I loved my pajamas probably because I am always cold but I love them. From what Keith said his family would do the same and well the new Pajamas didn't go over so well with him. But then again hes a boy and well what boy is ever excited to recieve clothes on any holiday?

Lets get back to those cookies though because that was the real purpose of this post. Depending on how my watch and other projects on my to do list go this weekend will decide if I get to the baking that I have promised Keith and Mom that I would get to for Christmas eve at Ryans and for special goodies at the house.

I happened to see a comercial for Betty Crocker Christmas cookies and remembered that the best cookies came out of Mom's Betty Crocker cook book. So I started surfing the Betty Crocker site and found some fantastic cookies, brownies, etc.

Super Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Candy Cane Cookies

Spiral Snowman

These are just a few that I have seen that are fast and easy. Most of the new recipies use the betty crocker mixes rather than baking from scratch. Some of my favorites are Snickerdoodles with the red and green sprinkles on them and Chocolate Krinkles those are awesome. Gingersnaps those are the best to dip in milk.. smiles. I'm not sure if the recipe that I linked to is the same as Mom's recipe but it sounded similar.

Well that is about all for the recipes and holiday fun today.


jillquilts said...

mmmmm!!! Cookies!!! I love Snickerdoodles, too!! They are my fav! I've made the candy cane cookies, too. A lot of work for such tiny cookies!