Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas has passed... New Years Goals

Well Christmas has passed and the new year is fast approaching. Many of my blog friends have decided to set "Goals" rather than make resolutions this year. I think that I am also going to follow that guideline and maybe change it up a little. I have alot of things that I want to do in the coming year but have no idea how the upcoming surgery is going to effect things so I figured that I would start with a few goals and then go from there.

1. To update my blog at a minimum of once a week.. but try for more. If you only knew how many post have been sitting in my account as a draft. I have wanted to update things but always wait until I can add my pictures and never do.

2. Plan a "Date night" or "Together" night for Keith and I at least once a week. Just time for us to sit down and do something together. We have some puzzles and things that we are looking forward to doing together.

3. Re-organize my sewing room. Keith has decided that he is going to help me and we are going to clean up and re-organize things and its not going to be the dumping ground to hide other things.

4. Finally learn to use my Quilting frame. I bought one coming back from deployment, it sat in a box and then in the closet for ever because I didn't have the space for it when I moved in with Keith because of room mates.. Well now its in the sewing room and has become a table for STUFF! Keith is determined to help me learn. That and he says my quilt addiction has got to start making us some money so that he can retire.

5. My last goal but is actually #1 on my list of To Do's is to have as speedy a recovery from this surgery as I can. I promise to do all the things that the therapist tells me to do and work really hard to get the functions of my arm and hand back.

I don't think that these are to far out of my realm of things that I can accomplish.


Gina said...

Sounds good to me

Love and hugs Gina xxx