Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Organizing and clean up

Well its about that time for us to clean up after the Holidays and try to do a little re-organizing. Keith asked me to do him a favor and organize my books and patterns because he was a little upset when he picked up some books to ask me what I thought about them and I said "I love them they are at home" He was looking for gifts and I was ruining them all. So in an effort to make things easier on the both of us we are going to figure out a way to organize my books and patterns as well as re-fold and organize the stash.

They always say to start small right? Well tonight I am starting with this shelf. It had some books and things on it and it will soon have fabric folded in the hopes that I can get together a stash report and be more productive this year.

Well I think I have finally folded one of the stacks that was sitting in our "Super Spare" room (the room where everything gets thrown until it finds a home). I put it neatly on the shelf that showed above. It now looks like this..

and my stash is already up to 36.5 yards. Not quite as much as Jill, but I haven't even begun to fold rubbermaid containers or count the numerous fat quarters that I have all packed up in totes.

I decided to go back and fold a bit more before showering and heading to bed and I managed to fold and count 39 more yards of fabric bringing my stash counted and folded so far to 75.5 yards. If our goal is to use more than we buy this year I guess I had better start making some plans to figure out some fast quilts, placemats, tablerunners and wall hangings. My total count of panels that we're intended for wall hangings tree skirts etc so far are 6 but there alot more that I have yet to fold.

I am headed to bed but I will keep you posted as to my progress tomorrow. Mom will be here and the boys (Dad and Keith) will be out in the garage so I can see twice as much getting folded if we just spend an hour tomorrow.


Cindy said...

Good job. I folded and organized my stash last year and it does make it easier to use up.