Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Embroidery Machine Madness

A few days ago I joined a site called Designs by sick. They have great emb designs and have created so many ideas for me. How many of us have gone out and bought those cute little embroidered hand towels for the bathrooms or for the kitchen for the holidays? Now I can make them.

I was sitting at work today thinking about all the things that I could make and there are patterns for Sucker/ lollypop covers and the first thing that popped into my head was to make a sucker bouquet.. how cute would that be? Then I got to thinking .. I always joke with Keith that I am going to decorate the bathroom with finding nemo.. low and behold I found a tropical fish design set that would be perfect.. a couple hand towels, the edging on a shower curtian maybe a toilet tissue cover or kleenex box cover, and a little wall hanging or something.. viola bathroom make over.. add to it an inexpensive basic toothbrush holder and soap dish.. and that would make a great house warming gift.

I don't know there are just so many possibilities its unreal. you know all the hand embroidered redwork and blue work? I learned how to do all that but I can now order the designs from this web site to make quick centers for quilt blocks etc. I know its cheating but hey! When your short on time and need a gift whose going to complain?