Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finally Have everything Moved!!

I just moved the last of my posts over to blogger. I will continue to visit things here as there are alot of people that I get ideas and inspiration from that I will dearly miss if I don't check back in.
I do agree with the majority that this site is easy to use and simple. I have no problems with this site or the blog but there are things that I want to be able to learn and play with and I can do that over at blogger. and I haven't been able to manage here.
I am currently on leave from work.. Yeah!!! I have sewn a few seams here and there but have not finished things to post pictures of yet.
Coming soon are some belated christmas pillow cases, and a mystery quilt that I started for new years that I have not been able to work on (way out of my comfort zone by the way 2 color quilt black and grey) my brother and sister-in-law helped me pick out the fabrics. They went shopping with me and I didn't want to make them wait while I decided so I asked what they thought about it. Ryan picked the black and grey (the quilt asks for a contrast color for a flang.. I'll leave that for a suprise he picked that too) and then his soon to be wife picked out colors for another quilt that I haven't cut yet.
I just realised that there are a couple other little projects that I have done that I will take pictures of and get those posted over at blogger.. so come visit me!!