Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My day

Well even though today didn't feel productive I did get alot done. I emailed and called several apartment/ townhouse complexes about vacancies. I'm hoping to get a reply from one of them tomorrow. The sooner I get a reply and can get things in order there in Lemoore the better because they just seem all screwed up here. Although I just got a call from one of the rental places and they say they have no openings. Ugh
So it is one of those days where I felt like I have been running around doing all sorts of things and yet I still feel swamped. Well I am off to go through more paperwork and hopefully get things cleaned up enough so that I can watch a movie or something tonight.


Kristie said...

Hopefully something will come available soon, just hang in there. Start a new quilt, that will make you feel better. :)