Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Okay this is a long and some what painful story. I was getting out in March/ April. But I found out on November 17th that I made First Class Petty Officer (E-6). This was the hurdle that I was trying to over come and was one of the many reasons that I was getting out.
Some of the other reasons included my parents health. My mom had a not so great appointment with they Lymphoma doctor back in July so I was afraid that things were going to get worse. At her appointment in October the doctor said that her counts (blood cell) were back to a level that was acceptable. When he says acceptable he means that they aren't bad enough to start any abrasive treatment. Right now we stand at she's not sick and treatment may only weaken the immune system and make things worse. Dad on the other hand has health issues of his own. He is on meds for his heart and I think that once he retires (in January) that things will get a little better for him.
Anyway (Since the train of thought on this was long gone 2 days ago) I called my parents after I found out that I made E-6 and we talked about things. They both feel that since I finally passed the hurdle that I had been struggling with and I'm already at 10 years that I should keep going. 10 more years really isn't that long when you think about it and to be able to get a military retirement and all the benifits that go along with it... medical, commisary, exchange and others.. it might be worth it to stick with it just a little longer.
I'm sorry that this half written post has been here so long I have been trying to get some of my christmas projects worked on and finished. I'll try to catch up again later



Saturday, December 15, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Cre8tiveQuilter
I've been waiting for you to finish! Hopefully your parents will continue to do well. You brought up a lot of good points with the retirement benefits. It'll work out. Just stay safe. =)

Sunday, December 16, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip
As long as you're happy that's all that counts. You brought up alot of valid points for staying in. I'm sure your parents health will continue to improve too. So congratulations and way to go.