Monday, January 7, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas.. Part 1 (Holiday gifts)

Looking for that last minute gift for some one you forgot? Or how about that some one that you didn’t know was coming for the holidays and you want to make sure that they are included in the festivities. My family always tries to remember those that don’t have some place to spend the holidays, being in the military I have moved around a few times and have quite a few friends that don’t spend the holidays with their family and we have never felt that it was right for them to spend it by themselves. So we almost always have last minute guests, and on more than one occasion have been one of those shoppers that is running through the store Christmas eve to get those last minute gifts and don’t forget stocking stuffers.
Stocking stuffers is a whole different evolouton at my house. Mom and Dad used to be Santa’s helper and we would get candies and silly socks and batteries (for those gifts everyone forgets to look and see if they were included.. ha ha) you name it and we have tried to fit it in some ones stocking. One year I guess santa laid his helpers off or something because Christmas morning our stocking hung there by the chimney lifeless. So that became my thing. I tried to make sure that I knew who all was going to be at Mom and Dads Christmas morning and try to have a stocking for everyone. I made the mistake last year of letting my younger brother help me out stuffing things and when he realized that I wasn’t stuffing my own (no point in my opinion) he made the last minute trip to walgreen’s or what ever happened to be open and picked up a bunch of stuff so that I wouldn’t be left out. So to make to very long stories a little shorter (Not much) I have decided to share with everyone the things that I have been finding while surfing the glorious web of unending inspiration and ever changing ideas.

First we’ll start off with the gift for yourself, or maybe a gift for a fellow crafter that like any other has the ever ending list of bookmarked pages to go back to the patterns later. Here’s tips on how to organize all those patterns that you find and print out on the web. May I suggest to go along with it that you make a binder cover out of simple fabric scraps for that favorite crafter in your life. Heck print out the tips on how to organize and insert them in the binder.

Another tip from me... when you know that you are looking on the internet for patterns (or even when you don’t) create a folder some where on your computer with those patterns when it is full and yes they get full transfer them right away to a disk/ CD/ DVD. Don’t procrastinate and say that you will organize them later because we all know that will NEVER happen.

Have you ever been in the auto section of a store and looked at the accessories and decided that the selection just wasn’t what you wanted? I myself have tree frogs but here you can make a steering wheel cover out of what ever you want!!

For the old car enthusiast or maybe not here is a pattern for fuzzy dice.

One of many pot holder patterns. Good project for beginners, great stocking stuffer or perhaps add to a gift basket with some pancake mix and a couple of other kitchen items.

Don’t forget your pets at Christmas, even if they are like my brothers cat and hid under the bed all day long never to see the light of day. I have 3 kitties myself and mom calls them her grand kitties, and yes I sign over custody to her when I have to go on detachment.. ha ha ha.

For that crafter on your list. Everyone could use a sewing machine cover and you can personalize it to the receiver. Another thought at moms house we have covers for all of our kitchen appliances, coffee pot, toaster, dehydrator you name it if it gets left out where it can be seen design your own covers. Mom did she designed crochet covers for everything yet she still doesn't believe shes a designer. Now those cover are pretty old and some one has probably already copyrighted similar designs but I am happy to say I saw them in Mom's kitchen before I ever saw them in a printed pattern.

A simple sachet for a stocking stuffer, or maybe to place in with a pretty dress that you give some one. My grandma loves them.

Here is a link for some aprons. I have seen so many patterns for aprons this year. I guess they are the style now. I remember baking with mom for the holidays and putting on aprons. While I was in school I remember the cook in the cafeteria having aprons for every holiday. I bet your thinking why on earth would this girl remember the lunch lady.. because mom was one of the lunch ladies and worked at my school and later I was one of the lunch ladies and worked not only at my elementary school, but my junior high and even in my mom's kitchen (she was the boss.. smiles) there for a few years before joining the service. Though the job wasn't glorious I had fun and met alot of great people and working with mom really wasn't bad we had fun together. I think that this would be a perfect gift for the cook/ baker in your life. Or maybe the BBQ’er. Also listed are garden aprons, art aprons and liquid dish soap aprons for the kitchen.

Kitchen patterns, Table runners, pot holders, placemats, wallhangings, ovenmits. You name it, it might be there.

Tote bags also the rage now. I know we could all use them to carry things back and forth to work or school. I have one that I intend to make to organize and carry my quilting stuff in the hopes that the new year will allow me to take some classes. - your own grocery bag

Soda Can insulator, Juice box wrap, - perfect for the holidays that way everyone knows what cup, can juice box belongs to them. They may not remember where they left it last but this might help. (Stocking Stuffer?? )

Fabric Wallets, Check book covers, Travel tissue covers, eye glasses case.

Do you know some one that paints? Maybe this could be modified for crochet hooks or pens, pencils markers? Do you have disappearing ink pens for your sewing? Or the identi-pens for embellishing?

So there it is my 12 days of Christmas Part 1. I love the Christmas season especially since I get to give gifts to everyone. Forgive me I know some of the links aren't showing up as hyperlinks, I’m not sure why I tried to fix them. The show up fine in my email and on my Word program. Stay tuned for more gift ideas, that is if I don’t get swamped making my gifts.. smiles.. Hope this starts your weekend off well


Friday, December 7, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by quilt4younow
there is sew much out there to do! I think I get around to making a couple of sewing machine covers this year- might be fun to do in scraps and have kinda a mini-quilt-let cover to decorate once I finally get the sewing room organized. thanks for sharing cheryl

Friday, December 7, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by lori
Thank's Heather there was a few patterns there I have never seen before .Aren't brothers special I can just see your younger brother running around trying to find stocking stuffers for you .What a sweet think to do .

Monday, December 10, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by jillquilts
Thanks for all the links! I think that I am going to have to make some checkbook covers this year for other spenders like me! Jill