Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Weekend is GONE!! Already?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened this weekend. Thursday night/ Friday morning I came home from work all ready to jump in a sew and “get things done”.
First I wanted to try to get my thimbleberries club stuff together for club Saturday Morning. I was up until the wee hours Friday morning cutting fabric. Then I got up Friday (supposed to be a PJ day) and went and did my Christmas shopping. I’m done except for the gift certificate for my brother That should have been bought and mailed out already.. Ugh. I’m hoping that if I can get the certificate today on my way into work that I can get their stuff mailed out Monday priority. When I was done with shopping I went back to cutting but I know that I was really wiped out from the rest of the week because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
To make a long story short I napped off and on the entire weekend got nothing accomplished except one block for thimbleberries and some light cleaning. Oh and the Christmas shopping if you can count that.
So the plan for today is to get some extra things cut out and bagged (organized) so that I can sew a little during the week. Friday I have off (as of right now just have to call in that may change). Saturday and Sunday are squadron free and Monday I have to drive North to my brothers house for our family Christmas Eve. Christmas morning will be spent with my parents and then they are getting ready to go to Colorado, Ryan is spending Christmas with his soon to be in-laws and I will head home to spend the rest of the day and evening with my meows. My plan is to get some great movies, pull out some nice warm pj’s have some fabric cut to sew that doesn’t have a deadline and enjoy my time sewing.
So I am off to do some ironing and cutting then headed to work. If I have time I will post some more pictures later



Wednesday, December 26, 2007 - thimbleberries
Posted by sweetnstacked72
Hello, thanks for your comment, but the pic was taken at my local quilt shop. and they have them on display. good luck with your project,the LQS jsut did showing on the new stuff, that is a group I m not a member of, actually I am not a member of anything, yet,, cept' for here.