Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday is gone

Well I have to admit I have been super lazy. I haven't gotten hardley anything that I had planned done and still have yet to go to mom and dads to look at houses. I will be going Sunday night/ Monday morning we figure that if we go then we canstill get a sunday news paper. (You know the left over ones that they sometimes have at the gas stations and what not).

I guess if you consider quality time with my fur babies getting something done.. Then I have done alot, I have been playing with them and we cuddled all afternoon.. fell asleep together.. lol.

So now I am awake and ready to get down and dirty into some things. I don't know yet what I am going to get done but I have an apartment to pack and things to be sewn. I am off to go try to get something done. Until later


Jen said...

So, are you looking for a house in the area of your parents or are you looking for a house near your new base?