Friday, January 11, 2008

Jen's Post about selling yourself short..

After reading Jens post about selling yourself short I will be sure to watch my stitch legnth and also to lock my stitches. I was just curious how many people out there were like me and had several tops completed but had yet to have them quilted? Why have you waited? I'll tell you why I waited.. I was in a shop or something one day maybe it was in one of my online groups, I don't remember but I remember people commenting on other peoples workmanship and the quality.

I know I'm learning and I know that it all comes with practice and time.. I guess I just didn't want to be picked on for those quilts in the begining (the ones that are really ugly) so I have waited and waitied hoping one day I can quilt my own. I only wish that there were others out there that wanted to be helpful but unfortunately I have run into some quilt police in the past that make me want to fold up the top and wait until I can quilt it myself.

On the note of selling yourself short. I don't remember what magazine I was reading and I would credit the right sourse if I could remember. Remember a little while back Kristie was fixing Hunter's horse quilt and was trying to decided what fabric to use. One of last months quilt magazines suggests when you sew your label on to tuck some scraps of the different fabric behind the label before completely sewing it on. That way you have fabric that is the same as the quilt for repairs later and it says that it should fade to match the quilt because you are washing it with the quilt.

Just a thought. I am off to clean up and head out in to town to get some boxes. I have packed 2 boxes and have decided that despite the fact that the navy/ marine corps is supposed to come in and move my belongings that I am going to start packing myself. There is something about strangers coming in and going through my belongings that doesn't sit well with me.


Bethany said...

Oh, those quilt police are everywhere and they really do know how to stab you in the back. And most of them thrive in quilt stores.

You can do it. I promise. Yes, it takes time, but there's nothing sweeter than seeing a beginner's first quilts. They are special and priceless. They are like your first baby steps. You want to treasure them forever.

Jen said...

I feel that each quilt I make, whether in the beginning or more recent tells a story and I can tell you what I learned on each one. In teaching my cousin to Quilt, I always tell her that she can tell me when she's tired of hearing what I think are tips.

The quilt tops that I had that were unfinished was because I was waiting until I could do them "properly." I decided the other day that I should just finish them because by the time I learn how to do whatever I deem to be the "right" way I'll want to do some newer quilt that way.

Gack, I hope no one read my post and thought I was the quilt police. I was just relaying that I finally figured out why some of this was important.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

It sounds like you have the move under control. When we were in the Marines a million years ago it was interesting to see how they moved a person. One day at 8AM the movers knocked on my door, came in packed me up and by noon we were in the condo on base. Gee they even wanted to unpack me but I drew the line at that. I actually enjoyed letting them do the packing and moving.

Sherri said...

Back in the day, I gave beginner hand-drumming workshops and I can't tell you the number of people who were afraid/intimidated to drum thinking they wouldn't do it "right" or that other people would make fun of them. This is the #1 thing that stops people from taking chances, from doing what they want, and it's really unfortunate. Quilt your tops and to hell with anyone who has such a little mind and a little heart that they feel the need to insult you. They may feel that you're not in their quilting leaque, but in reality, with their lack of emapthy, they aren't in your leaque.
Quilt on!

Carol Van Rooy said...

How do you lock stitches??? Perhaps I'm doing it now and just don't know it yet?!?

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I was told to lock your stitches you start a little ways into your project, go backwards and then forwards essentially doubling your stitches in the first 1/4 inch or so