Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So after the encouraging words from Jen about how easy blogger is I finally got off my butt and finished setting up my blog. I have started moving my things over and will post a link when I get closer to being done. I have only moved 2 or 3 posts over it takes a little while to do so. Thankgoodness I only have a few compared to the hundreds that Jen had to move over.
What does everyone have planned for the week? I of course have to work tonight at 10pm and will be out of there checked out on leave at about 6am or so. The plan? Well I know that I will need to come home and get some sleep but who knows how much I will need.. LOL that depends on how much coffee I drink tonight at work. I have to call the vet in the morning to get an appontment to take Wheezy in so that I can get some tranquilizers for her. She gets car sick and when I asked them about it they said that was the only way to help her other than the herbal stuff that you can buy at the pet store.. I tried that but it didn't work.
After that and some sleep.. I am looking at 4 pillow cases that I started before christmas for my family but due to being a clutz I couldn't finish them because of my shoulder. So those I will finish tomorrow so that I can take them to them this week. Until later.. LOL



Monday, January 7, 2008 - Untitled Comment
Posted by sweetnstacked72
glad to hear shoulder is better. for this week, I am hoping to sew, and get my oldest daughters quilt top done.. started it saturday.I hope after you get blogger working, we still hear from ya. I like this site, simple for me.. I would rather devote my time to sewing and just hopping in to see whats going on and chit chat a bit.I enjoy hearing about your work and things, my husband was Navy.. but didnt retire.. happy stitching!!