Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Weekend .. or lack of one

Well things at work were pretty messed up schedules messed up etc. I guess that is normal for things arpound here. I planned absolutely nothing for this weekend except a quilt lecture at the LQS. It was great. It was all about creating quick and easy quilts with 10 inch squares. The one that they demonstrated was called "Baby Cakes" it was yellow and white and when I can get a picture I'll post it. The weather was perfect quilting weather but I have slept most of the time that I had off and have to be back to work tonight at 10 pm.
I did get some little house cleaning chores done and I'm pretty excited about that! I have my little list of 5 minute chores to do in between all the other things I'm doing or not doing.. LOL.
Okay so here is for the BIG news. I should be getting a paper copy of my orders this week!! My detailer said that I can leave San Diego as soon as February 10th!! and have to check in to my school up in Lemoore California no later than March 10th. I am going on leave Tomorrow morning and will be going up north to pick up my mom and drive to Lemoore to look for apartments/ Houses. If we can find one and get things lined up I will be trying to get my things moved out of here and up there as quick as we can so that I can get some relax and quilting time before I start school. That and get my meows settled in a new place.. it really messes them up when I change schedules and am not home.
So here are some pictures that I took this weekend:

This would be the lake that I woke up to find my truck in the middle of yesterday morning.. I actually waded through the water on the right hand side because my Honda was parked in that spot backwards.. I figured the truck was high enough but didn't want to worry about the car. The water is 2 -3 inched deep and in some areas more.

Well that's it for my news and weather.. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you have gotten a lot of sewing done.



Sunday, January 6, 2008 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip
It sounds like you have things all under control. OK so I must have missed something along the way. What type of school are you going to? And where is Lemoore California? I take it that it's more north?

Sunday, January 6, 2008 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050
Ditto on the questions. Rhoda