Friday, January 18, 2008

Much Better Progress

Well today I have done alot better I got up early, called in off leave, took a little nap and then got up again to start my day. I have cleaned out 2 of my rubbermaid containers and almost a third. Once I get the containers out of the closets then I can stack the boxes that are in the living room in the closets to get them out of the way.

To the best of my ability I am going to have everything packed and ready to go. I am debating calling one of those starving students things or perhaps bribing one of the guys at work. I bet a case of beer would get me a couple helpers.. smiles. I want to try to move everything before asking my dad to help.. that would be perfect. To only ask mom and dad to help to unload a truck and drive a vehicle from San Diego to Lemoore or at least to their house.

So along with getting things organized, packed and put away I have been thinking about my quilting and craft projects of course!! So I figured that I would share with everyone what was talked about on my online quilting group today. Has everyone seen those mugs that they sell at Michaels .. the ones that you can either let your kids color a little pantograph or stitch a sleeve and put in it .. you know to personalize your mug??

Well here is your very own quilt in a cup:

There are several places that it says that you can order the kit from. Or there is a site that has a listing of shops that offer the kit. So here's my idea. Since Jen and Jill are so excited that they get to go to a retreat together, and Moneik mentioned having a quilt retreat on line so what if we all ordered or picked up one of these kits? (That is if everyone is as facinated as I am) We could all complete this project that weekend.. even Jen and Jill. Just a thought.. Smiles


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Oh I like that idea then it would feel like we are all there.
It sounds like you have everything under control and soon ready for the big move. We'll all be here going through our things, sorting, tossing and organizing right along with you.

Kristie said...

A very nice idea! Love the cup! Hope all goes well with the move.

jillquilts said...

Great idea!!

Maureen said...

Great idea...I just checked and one of the shops here in WI offers the cup...I'll have to check it out.


Jen said...

The cup is pretty cool. One idea of a place to check would be Michaels/Joann's/Hobby Lobby in with the kids crafts. I know I've seen them somewhere...they draw a picture to put inside.